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6 The PCB Design Magazine • April 2014 Contents show review IPC APEX EXPO 2014 artiCle The Internet of Things Drives New PCB Design Approach by Mark Toth Columns Out With the Old, In With the New? by Andy Shaughnessy Electromagnetic Fields, Part 3: How They Impact Coupling by Douglas Brooks Hybrid High-Frequency Multilayer PCBs by John Coonrod news highlights PCB007 Mil/Aero007 PCBDesign007 32 50 8 46 60 24 58 64 The OPTiMuM MAgAzine DeDiCATeD TO PCB Design TM video interviews Hartley on the Future of PCB Design Education Greg Munie Discusses DFX and Quest for New Blood Intercept Adds Capabilities to Pantheon shorts Bending Light with a Tiny Chip Single-Atom Light Switch NASA's Latest Satellite Phones Home Quantum Photon Properties Revealed in Another Particle extras Events Calendar Advertiser Index & Masthead 11 30 63 11 19 57 63 66 67 APril 2014 vOluMe 3 nuMBer 4

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