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12 SMT Magazine • August 2014 by Dr. harry Zervos IDTECHEx FEaTuRE The following article summarizes the cur- rent status of the main printed electronics tech- nologies for components in consumer goods and healthcare applications, providing for each one market drivers, case studies and key suppli- ers, cost structures and challenges. These are given in three main sections: dis- plays, power and other components such as logic, sensors, and conductive inks. Displays aC Electroluminescence AC electroluminescent displays are simple, screen printed light emitting displays that re- quire an AC power source. They are built of low- cost, light-emitting segments that can be rela- tively thin and conformable. Examples of cases studies include moving images on labels for Copoya rum (USA) and Bal- lantine's Whisky promotional bottles (Europe), as well as promotional off-package signage (posters, etc.) by a large number of companies such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, etc. (off package). EL displays are also widely used on wearables such as promotional/novelty T-shirts. Suppliers in- clude Schreiner, Lighttape, Electroluminate as well as several manufacturers in China. Figure 1: lED labels are appearing on bottles of liquor. Photo courtesy Thin Film Electronics ASA

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