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September 2014 • The PCB Design Magazine 39 through the Lean, integrated product- and pro- cess-NPI stages. Depending on the exact manu- facturing machinery to be used, the data output can be modified to suit. In the best-practice Lean NPI flow, the man- ufacturing-level product model in ODB++ for- mat includes a fully constructed and verified as- sembly panel in one structured data file. From this master product model file, combined with a defined manufacturing process definition, the manufacturing-process data can be automati- cally generated for fabrication, assembly, and test. This makes the NPI process much faster, while reducing the possibility for error and low- ering the risk. Anyone who would like to get involved with the ODB++ Solutions Alliance is welcome to join. Visit PCBDESIGN Julian Coates is the director of business development for Mentor Graphics valor division. Since joining Mentor Graphics valor division in 1994, Coates has fulfilled a number of roles in- cluding managing director of valor's european subsidiary, followed by product management, marketing and business development. by Real Time with... NEPCON South China Scientists have developed an X-ray imaging system that enables researchers to see "live" how effective treatments are for cystic fibrosis. Published in the American Journal of respi- ratory and Critical Care Medicine, the imaging method allows researchers to monitor the effec- tiveness of a treatment for the life-threatening genetic disorder. Dr. Kaye Morgan, lead researcher on the paper from Monash university, said the new X-ray imaging method allows researchers to look at soft tissue structures, for example the brain, airways and lungs, which are effec- tively invisible in conventional X-ray images. "At the moment we typically need to wait for a cystic fibrosis treatment to have an effect on lung health, measured by ei- ther a lung CT scan or breath measure- ment, to see how effective that treatment is," Dr. Morgan said. "However the new imaging method allows us for the first time to non-invasively see how the treatment is working 'live' on the airway surface." Dr. Morgan said this X-ray imaging meth- od would enable doctors and researchers to measure how effective treatments are, and progress new treatments to the clinic at a much quicker rate, a key goal of co-authors Dr. Martin Donnelley and Dr. David Parsons of the CF Gene Therapy group at the Women's and Children's Hospital and the university of Adelaide's robin- son research Institute. "Because we will be able to see how effective- ly treatments are working straight away, we'll be able to develop new treatments a lot more quickly, and help better treat people with cystic fibrosis," Dr. Morgan said. Dr. Morgan said the new imaging method, which was developed using a synchrotron X- ray source, may also open up possibilities in as- sessing how effective treatments were for other lung, heart and brain diseases. New X-ray Imaging Allows Monitoring of Treatment feature WHAT'S NEW IN ODB++? continues

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