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66 SMT Magazine • December 2014 of products, shorter lead-times, lean business environments, and changing international market demands. Widely installed enterprise applications from providers such as Oracle, SAP, and others, are considered "a single source of truth," and if these systems are leveraged to drive label print- ing and label data, then the error-prone prac- tice of manual or redundant label data entry is eliminated. Enterprise labeling solutions in- clude business rules logic that allows custom- ers to automatically meet the rigors of global requirements such as regulations, languages, images, formats, and printers, and to manage variability across multiple industries and re- gions in one place. Automating these complex workflow processes frees up the organization to use precious labor hours more creatively and ef- ficiently. Summary Once considered a mere tactical necessity, contemporary electronics industry product la- beling solutions can have major strategic im- plications. As noted in this white paper, there are at least eight major negative corporate out- comes that can result from product labeling er- rors and inefficiencies. Averting these issues is no longer a matter of fixing one label at a time or refitting one product facility at a time with silo or purpose-driven systems. Labeling has become a core component of a manufacturer's strategic mission to create a smoothly operat- ing global supply chain. The solution cannot be found in a patchwork of more systems, but in less and fewer disparities and incompatibilities. For a truly successful outcome, labeling must be integrated with core enterprise applications and data. Electronics manufacturers of all sizes and scope can gain tremendous value from the in- telligent three-step methodology of consolida- tion, integration, and automation of their la- beling environment. Implementing enterprise- wide solutions that centralize global labeling and integrate with core applications and data bring into alliance the parallel goals of corpo- rate growth and supply chain efficiency with labeling agility and accuracy. At a time when regulatory scrutiny and standards initiatives worldwide are on the rise; when customer de- mands are more specific and varied than ever before; and when a single source of truth is the most reliable repository of data, an enterprise labeling solution is an efficient, cost-saving, ac- curate, and flexible way to quickly meet the crit- ical needs of today's global supply chain. SmT HIGH-reLIAbILITY, Pb-Free, HALOGeN-Free SOLder continues ArTiClE Joe longo is an electronics indus- try specialist with loftware. He has been working with loftware enterprise customers for over seven years. He can be reached at Smart and portable medical equipment is es- sential for fast and easy point-of-care and point- of-use diagnostics. lab-on-a-chip applications in hand-held devices can help to save time for lab- oratory medical analysis in emergency scenarios. Fraunhofer FEp presents two different olED- device concepts: one emitting in the near uv and another one in the green spectral range which both could be integrated to sensor applications. These two exemplary olED developments can be used for biomedical and biotechnical sensing in lab-on-chip applications. Further- more, the scientists from Fraunhofer FEp com- bined a green top-emitting olED with a thin- film optical filter and thin-film encapsulation so that a sample substance can be brought in prox- imity to the excitation source. Future Lab-on-Chip Applications

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