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4 SMT Magazine • February 2015 Technologists have studied tin whiskers for decades, but the proliferation of lead-free elec- tronics has pushed these microscopic fibers to the forefront of assembly challenges. This month, we focus on the mitigation of tin whiskers with articles by V. G. Karpov, Dr. Jennie Hwang, Michael Osterman, Andrzej Czerwinski, Scott Sentz, and Dave Hillman. risk and Mitigation for Tin Whiskers and Tin Pest by Dr. Ronald C. Lasky electrostatic Mechanism of Nucleation and Growth of Metal Whiskers by V. G. Karpov Tin Whiskers: Why Testing Temperature Can Change the Outcome by Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Tin Whiskers remain a Concern by Michael Osterman Tin Whisker Growth on the Surface of Tin-rich Lead-Free alloys by A. Skwarek, K. Witek, M. Pluska & A. Czerwinski The upredictability of Tin Whiskers endures by Scott Sentz Tin Whisker risk assessment of a Tin Surface Finished Connector by David Hillman and Ross Wilcoxon Feature Column Minimizing the risk of Tin Whisker Formation in Lead-Free assemblies by Mitch Holtzer 18 28 46 50 56 62 68 80 Featured Content February 2015 Tin Whiskers m a g a z i n E

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