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24 SMT Magazine • May 2015 CliCk To View video interview ceo bill bader gives a com- prehensive overview of ineMi, from workshops to r&D proj- ects. ineMi's 2015 roadmap covers six market segments and 19 technical areas in the electronics industry. people from 92 member companies collaborate on the most difficult industry problems. iNEmI: a Highly Efficient R&D Consortium by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2015 A Spanish-led team of European researchers at the university of cambridge has created an electronic device so accurate that it can detect the charge of a single electron in less than one microsecond. it has been dubbed the 'gate sen- sor' and could be applied in quantum comput- ers of the future to read information stored in the charge or spin of a single electron. "The device is much more compact and accurate than pre- vious versions and can detect the electrical charge of a single electron in less than one micro- second," M. fernando gonzález Zalba, leader of this research from the Hitachi cambridge laboratory and the cavendish laboratory, tells SinC. Details of the breakthrough have been published in the journal nature com- munications. "We have called it a gate sensor because, as well as detecting the movement of individual electrons, the device is able to control its flow as if it were an electronic gate which opens and closes," explains gonzález Zalba. in general, the electrical current which pow- ers our telephones, fridges and other electrical equipment is made up of electrons: minuscule particles carrying an electrical charge travelling in their trillions and whose collective movement makes these appliances work. However, this is not the case of the latest cutting-edge devices such as ultra-precise biosensors, single electron transistors, molec- ular circuits and quantum com- puters. These represent a new technological sector which bases its electronic functionality on the charge of a single electron, a field in which the new gate sensor can offer its advantages. Ultra-sensitive Sensor Detects Individual Electrons

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