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10 SMT Magazine • September 2015 by Dr. Jennie s. Hwang ceo, H-TecHnologieS group smt prOspeCts & perspeCtIves surface mount technology Association—a New milestone Column Having served as a past president (on its 10 th anniversary), a board member of the organiza- tion, and being an SMT industry lifer, I hold especially profound sentiment and affection toward the marching milestones of the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA). With a grand mission, SMTA is an interna- tional network of professionals who build skills, share practical experience and develop solutions in electronic assembly technologies, includ- ing microsystems, emerging technologies, and related business operations. The organization offers continuing education, as well as career and professional networking for both members and the industry. Most importantly, the orga- nization delivers the right information at the right time to empower the workforce, who col- lectively advances technology, innovates new products, and serves the global industry. Initially founded to deploy the surface mount technology, SMTA has served as the backbone of electronics manufacturing for more than three decades. It enables the manu- facture of advanced electronics products that are beneficial to virtually all walks of life. The continuing increase in electronics content of products across industry sectors has made the electronics industry the largest employer at the turn of the century. Electronics miniaturization and advancement have been phenomenal, for which SMT has served as the critical manufac- turing technology. Surface mount technology is deemed to be one of the most significant and substantial developments in the electronics era, after the semiconductor. Embracing that the transistor density of integrated circuits doubles every 18 months, and that the advanced chip packaging

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