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30 The PCB Design Magazine • October 2015 by Andy Shaughnessy i-COnneCT007 This month, in addition to publishing fea- ture articles by well-known experts in the field, we decided to collect feedback from the read- ers—PCB designers and engineers working in the trenches each day. We asked our readers to provide their favorite tips, tricks, and tech- niques for speeding up the PCB design cycle. Here are 10 tips for cutting your design time, courtesy of designers just like you. Matija Milostnik PCB group leader, Slovenia "Bang on the electrical engineers to squeeze out of them all constraint upfront before starting a design, so that you can put them into rules in the design tool, and then hold them accountable for changes. The rest is easy, in comparison." Barry Olney Managing director, In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd., Australia "Perform pre-layout anal- ysis to ensure your design is right the first time without costly iterations. Having the project completed on time, and within budget, means that costs are cut by reducing the de- sign cycle and generating higher profits due to shorter time to market and an extended prod- uct life cycle." Santiago Cervantes CID+, San Diego "Know the system the PCB integrates into." Karl Bates President of ConnectPCB, Chicago "Use both hands (i.e., one hand on the mouse, other using shortcut keys or function keys). Type without looking at your hands (they should know where the keys are)." The ReadeRs speak: Tips on accelerating Your design Cycle feature

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