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32 SMT Magazine • November 2015 FeaTure INTervIeW by barry matties I-connecT007 Is your manufacturing company wasting significant time and energy struggling to collect and analyze its own data? I sat down with Bill Moradkhan, the founder, president and CEO of Portus, to discuss the benefits of upgrading your data intelligence to help transform that data into actionable business intelligence and improve your business. Barry Matties: tell me a little bit about portus and the value it brings to customers. Bill Moradkhan: We focus mainly on manufac- turing companies, but really any kind of com- pany of any size starts collecting a lot of data, usually in their ERP system, and will have data from all kinds of different systems. At some point or another, they need to transform that data into actionable business intelligence. This is a term we're very happy with now, mean- ing that data in itself isn't getting you to do something. You need to get that data to paint a picture, so you say, "Ah, I see, this is our issue. This is what we're lacking. This is what we're doing too much of and this is what we should be doing." This process of transforming data into ac- tionable business intelligence is what we are all about. Interestingly, no matter what, whether you have Portus or you don't, you're doing this. In some form or fashion, you're taking that data and you're transforming it into charts and reports so people know what to go do. The issue is how much time and money you are spending doing that. We want to take that to its absolute limit, meaning you won't spend any time on that. We handle the entire transformation pro- cess so that you can focus on doing something about what the reports are telling you, rather than spending 90% of your time putting the re- ports together. Matties: What are they getting in your report that they're not already getting in the systems that they have? Improving Production Efficiencies with Better Data Strategies

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