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November 2015 • SMT Magazine 95 definition for the component. It illustrates the logic for selecting minimum nozzle size based on component body dimensions, for this par- ticular machine. Thus, by a process of creating and proving the rules that relate to the library requirements of the models of pick-and-place, AOI, AXI test machines in use across the industry, all those who use the machines worldwide can expect right-first-time set-up of their machine libraries without having to create and fine-tune the data on the machine itself. By a combination of a single globally accessible source-model for the components, plus the classification system ded- icated to the needs of machine-level libraries, and a library of rules at the machine-type level, a machine-library solution is created that can be applied at a level that runs above the individual machines, lines, and factories. Figure 16 shows the full flow of the solution, starting with BOM and model of the PCB assembly, through to the run-ready libraries of the individual machines. In effect, a unified on-demand library con- tent service for any SMT assembly, inspection, and test line worldwide. Production of a specif- ic PCB assembly can be switched between lines of any machine combination within a matter of minutes, bringing high flexibility in asset utili- figure 15: automatic derivation of machine- specific library content (nozzle diameter). figure 16: automatic library content-generation from one source, for multiple machine types. STreAmLINING PCb ASSembLy AND TeST NPI WITH SHAreD ComPoNeNT LIbrArIeS arTIcLe

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