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26 The PCB Design Magazine • November 2015 Matties: there are certainly jobs of skill like en- gineering, but in terms of manufacturing, once you get full automation in here, there is limited human intervention and limited handling. it's re- ally just people monitoring the process, loading a parameter or board possibly. Garcia: We know some of these kids in these engineering classes may not pan out to be a full- fledged electrical engineer, but they may have a passion for the industry.. That's why we want to get them early exposure so that they are aware of the opportunities that exist for them. Matties: how big is your facility? Garcia: It is 30,000 square feet. Matties: how many people do you have here? Garcia: Slightly under 50. We're not 50 yet. Matties: Just under that obamacare (laughs). Garcia: I can't confirm or deny that (laughing), but yes, we've tried to stay under 50. Matties: i think a lot of people have. there are a lot of reasons to do it. But with automation, that allows you to grow beyond what you would have had to hire for that sort of growth. Paper: It's a number to keep an eye on, but I think also if we're getting to the stage where we need 60 employees, that's a positive thing. Matties: good. so build it as fast as you can for as little money as you can spend on building the highest quality product possible. it's a pretty simple formula. Garcia: Yeah. There's a lot of in-between there, but that's the gist of it. Paper: It's a simple formula, but the execution is a just a little more complicated (laughing). Matties: great, well thanks for sitting down with me today. Garcia: Thank you. Paper: Thank you. PCBDESIGN GOOD IN, GOOD OuT: BAY AREA CIRCuITS DISCuSSES DATA STRATEGIES feature interview Interim CEO Jeff McCreary on Changes at Isola in a recent interview with i-Connect007, isola's interim President and CEo Jeff McCreary discussed the impetus for the recent person- nel reduction and plant closing that took place, mainly in the u.S. With a realignment towards the Asian market and im- proved plant utilization in the u.S., isola expects to become more international- ly competitive and improve revenue. McCreary explained that, with long-time president ray Sharpe stepping down followed by the reductions, many are probably won - dering about the company's stability. he stated that the company has remained profitable but has suffered revenue-wise in the past few years, due in part to a general market slump in Asia. By improving on their manufacturing utilization rate in the u.S. (savings in the millions) along with more focus on the Asian market, McCreary sees the company as highly competitive going forward. McCreary also shared his bullish view on the electronics industry in general and on what the industry may expect from isola going forward. in ad - dition, he explained what the company is looking for in a new CEo, which should be announced in the next few months. To read the entire inter- view click here.

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