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28 The PCB Design Magazine • November 2015 by Andy Shaughnessy The world of EDA tool development is pri- marily a man's world, and a middle-aged man's world at that. You won't find a lot of young people in this community, not many women, and outside of marketing departments, young women are few and far between. But SnapEDA founder Natasha Baker may mark the beginning of a new trend in EDA: young female entrepreneurs. (When was the last time we heard about an EDA startup?) As her company prepared for a major launch, Na- tasha took time to explain the philosophy be- hind SnapEDA, and how the company is help- ing designers and engineers manage an ever- increasing volume of CAD data. Andy Shaughnessy: start out by giving us a little background about snapedA, and some of your history in edA. SnapEDA: The Female-Owned Star tup Revolutionizing CAD Data Natasha Baker: I started working in the EDA industry in 2006 as an intern at National Instru- ments in their circuit design software group, and then returned in 2008 full-time. Around the same time, I was also consulting for Analog Devices. During my time with both companies, I saw the tremendous burden of design data creation that affected not only designers, but also EDA vendors and semiconductor companies, and start- ed thinking about better ways to solve these challenges. I thought it would be great if there was one centralized place for engineers to get all of the CAD data they Natasha Baker, SnapEDA founder. feature interview

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