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December 2015 • SMT Magazine 95 5 cutting cost, not Price in any supply chain sur- vey, the issue of cost comes up repeatedly. This article explores the downside of focussing on price and suggests some of the practical ways you can reduce costs without having a negative impact on your product. 6 Automotive emS— Going beyond Assembly The trend toward out- sourcing in the automo- tive industry continues as automotive manufac- turers strive to capitalize on the technical exper- tise and cost effective- ness of the EMS provid- ers. for their part, the automotive EMS players have expanded their role through vertical integration and venture into the realm of non-electronics manufacturing. 7 Value Stream mapping— operationalizing Lean manufacturing by applying value stream mapping (VSM), EMS providers can have a clearer picture of mul- tiple processes involved in a work flow, identify waste and its sources, identify where change is required, standardize the process, and identify potential problems that could be encountered in the future state. it can also be used as a tool for planning as well as for managing changes. 8 Jetting Strategies for mbGAs— A Question of Give and Take among the alternatives for the deposition of solder paste and other fluids on a PCB is jetting, which offers advantages concerning precise volume repeatabil- ity, software control and local volume control. The goal of this study is to examine the effect of piezo actuation profile on deposit quality with respect to positioning, shape and satellite levels in order to achieve adequate deposition quality for applica- tions such as 0.4 mm bga. 9 The Unpredictability of Tin Whiskers endures into decade number two of the European union's RoHS and REACH restric- tions for the use of lead in electronic components, the risk of tin whiskers in critical circuitry continues. This article will explore a tin whisker mitigation process for surface mount electronic components applicable to both passive and active components. J enclosed media Printing as an Alternative to metal blades The evolution of pCbs in terms of the miniaturiza- tion of assemblies, com- ponents, and ever-finer feature print patterns has not slowed, and as a re- sult continues to present ever-increasing challenges to the makers of assembly equipment and solder paste printing technology, narrowing the process window. in this article, Mi- chael l. Martel discusses how enclosed media print head technology has kept up to these challenges. December 2015 • SMT Magazine 95

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