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10 The PCB Design Magazine • January 2016 ment of manufacturing services. We work for all sorts of companies, big and little, all across North America and Europe. Many are serial entrepreneurs that have launched and sold medical device start- ups to industry leaders. We work on products as varied as ultrasound systems, lab on a chip, and orthopedic surgery assist devices. Digital health is a rapidly growing segment. Shaughnessy: You're a principal engineering phys- icist at starFish, and you're involved in pcB design. tell us about your work there. MacCallum: I do two things. I'm an engineering physicist and a project manager. That means I'm a technical guy, but I also make sure proj- ects stay on the rails. From a technical stand- point I behave like an engineer. I design PCBs by Andy Shaughnessy Some of the coolest new electronic products have come courtesy of the medical market. I wanted to find out more about this fast-growing segment, so I contacted Kenneth MacCallum, an engineering physicist with StarFish Medical. StarFish is a medical device design company that's created some major electronic medical in- novations, and they're about as cutting-edge as you can get. I asked Kenneth to talk about the medical electronics industry, medical PCB design, and some of the unique challenges that technologists face in this fascinating market. Plus, what does digital health mean for electronics designers? Andy Shaughnessy: Kenneth, please give us a quick background on starFish medical. Kenneth MacCallum: StarFish is a consulting design engineering firm that specializes in the development of medical devices. Unique for a boutique design firm, we have a full comple- Medical PCB Design: Not Just Another High-Rel Board feature interview Kenneth MacCallum

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