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18 The PCB Design Magazine • February 2016 trolled during routing to create precise routing patterns. Also new is the Pulsonix Vault, a revision and version control feature used within the Pul- sonix design editors and library management systems. All items processed through this mech- anism are immediately traceable and all move- ments recorded in a detailed audit trail. With all items now in this controlled environment engineers are able to dramatically reduce design creation time with the knowledge that they are using certified items. The Vault system can be located locally or remotely with easy access for all users. It of- fers revision control and versioning of design items, including schematic designs, hierarchical blocks, PCB designs, libraries and technology files. There's full traceability and an audit trail of all Vault items, with checking, verification and reporting of library items used in designs. It also offers system administration tools for Vault management. The Vault will be provided free of charge to all Version 9.0 users. Shaughnessy: Which customer challenges led you to develop these new products? Williams: Like all vendors, our customers are designing leading-edge technology products as well as "everyday" designs. They demand a product from us that enables them to produce designs with the least amount of effort with the maximum amount of efficiency. Our latest product is a development based on customer feedback and market trends. Hav- ing a very close relationship with our users has been our company ethos from the very start and one we are particularly proud of. With Pulsonix being adopted by larger or- ganisations, the need for more accountability was required. The Vault enables an audit trail of key design and library movements to be man- Figure 1: Technology dialog detailing a differential pair chain set-up. what's new at pulsonix?

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