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36 The PCB Design Magazine • April 2016 Copper Via-Fill Technology in Development The use of via-in-pad technology is increasing rapid- ly in today's PCB designs. The need for miniaturiza- tion, combined with the rapidly decreasing pitch of component footprints, drives printed circuit board designers here. Via-in-pad requires the vias to be filled, planarized and then over-plated with copper. The Quiet Mainstreaming of HDI Manufacturing Advances in technology continue to push the en- velope of what's possible. And nowhere has the impact of those advances been felt more pro- foundly than in the evolution of the current class of mobile devices. Although design engineers have driven this evolution, the push to meet the associated manufacturing challenges has been re- sponsible for a revolution in PCB manufacturing. Weiner's World Gene Weiner discusses PhiChem's upcoming open house event at its global HQ and R&D center in Shanghai during SeMICOn China 2016, CPCA 2016 and productronica China 2016. He also fo- cuses on the IPC Ambassador Council's plans to produce an executive forum in conjunction with IPC APeX eXPO 2017, IPC's association with next- Flex, and much more. The Sum of All Parts: The Cost of Quality Throughout the decades, irrespective of industry or sector, markets have thrived on competition. They have, however, also relied upon some semblance of unity within their respective competitors. Indus- tries rely upon their individual member companies' ability to work together for the greater good. Rex Rozario, Part 4: A 10,000-ft. view of his Business Ventures, the Industry, and Life In our final installment, Rex describes the common thread woven through all of his successful business ventures and varied interests: confidence and the fortitude to follow his dreams until they are real- ized. Rex also takes a look back at the evolution of the global PCB industry, and explains his approach to profitability, which includes building (and re- warding) a successful team. DuPont, Taconic and PFC Team-Up for High-Speed Fle At DesignCon, I sat down with three flex circuit specialists: Glenn Oliver of DuPont, Tom McCarthy of Taconic, and Steve Kelly of PFC Flexible Circuits. Our discussion covered a lot of territory, most no- tably the findings they described in the paper they were about to present later that day at DesignCon, and more. Rex Rozario: The PCB Industry's True Renaissance Man In this exclusive multi-part interview that was con- ducted recently, I-Connect007's Barry Matties will introduce you to all of the people that Rex Rozario is, and where he, his team, and Graphic PlC are headed to next. Happy's Essential Skills: Problem Solving Related to TQC and a very important role of an engineer is solving problems. Using a problem- solving methodology is a job that all engineers will use sooner or later, but if you are in product or process engineering in manufacturing, it will be sooner! This was the situation that introduced me to printed circuit manufacturing. Happy's Essential Skills: Design of Experiments Design of experiments (DOe) is one of the most powerful and influential engineering tools for product yield improvements, new products or pro- cesses development, or for problem solving. As mentioned in my last column, process problems led me to a career in printed circuits, and quickly solving those problems led me to a bonus stock award and a great life. Manufacturing Institutes can Boost the Nation In his most recent State of the Union address, President Obama highlighted a remarkable trend of recent years: the turnaround in many corners of America's manufacturing sector. nearly 900,000 new jobs have been created by U.S. manufacturers in the last six years. pcb007 Highlights

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