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8 The PCB Design Magazine • April 2016 Every show is different, but IPC APEX EXPO 2016 has to be the best trade show I've ever at- tended. There was just no downside, at least for I-Connect007. We covered the show from beginning to end, made a lot of new friends, and basically "spread the love," as I like to say. Our booth was THE place to be on the show floor. Every day, the industry's top technologists and authors could be found in our booth—con- ducting interviews, being interviewed, or just hanging out and talking about the show. Our booth stayed packed with industry movers and shakers, in spite of our location at the rear of the venue, where the booth num- bers were out of order. It helped that we had Donald Trump's cutout standing near the aisle, giving passersby the twin thumbs up. Donald was an unofficial partner of ours; he had people wanting to pose with him, either shaking his hand, or, in Joe Fjelstad's case, attempting to strangle him. We had to keep a n eye on Donald. Last year at APEX in San Diego, someone adopted our "World's Most Inter- esting Man" cutout, and we didn't want Trump to wind up in the trunk of someone's rental car, out in the desert. Before the show opened, our IT guys suc- cessfully conquered the challenges they faced to power the three flat-screen wall monitors that featured our articles, photos, and custom- ers' logos in rotation. The monitors were visible from halfway across the venue, which served us well because our booth was in the back of the venue near the loading dock. Our customers got a kick out of seeing their logos pop up on the screens. And like a good touring band, we handed out merchandise. Every interviewer and interviewee by Andy Shaughnessy i-connect007 Leaving Las Vegas, on a High Note the shaughnessy report 8 The PCB Design Magazine • April 2016

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