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48 The PCB Design Magazine • August 2016 Standard of Excellence: The Future is in Fine lines The age of much finer lines and spaces is upon us. After years of slowly moving towards this technology our customers are now demanding that all of us provide them with fine lines and spaces. Our new trend in electronics is for denser and denser circuitry on smaller and smaller real estate. Weiner's World The way that I see the problem relates to over - capacity for fabricators in the consumer segment of devices with flat panel displays—mobile and otherwise—as well as a decline in notebook PCs, TVs and other household and portable electronic devices. Happy's Essential Skills: Understanding the Concept of Managing Management Time You can get the most value out of monkey man - agement and one-minute management by us- ing these principles together. Who knows? With these techniques, maybe you'll have a chance to take care of your own work instead of everyone else's! Catching up with Sunrise Electronics' Ashok and Jigar Patel I had been hearing about Sunrise Electronics for many years, so when Ashok asked me to come and see them for myself, I jumped at the chance. It was one of the most amazing plant tours that I've been on in a long time. I wanted to know more, so we sat down and had a chat. EPTE Newsletter: Transparent Circuits Gaining in Popularity Transparent printed circuits were a popular item showcased at the JPCA Show 2016. Polyethyl - ene terephthalate (PET) use to be the dominant material used for transparent substrates in opti- cal circuits and devices and generated a huge amount of sales from touch screen panels. The Newest Flex Shop in the U.S. I-Connect007 sales team member Angela Alex- ander and I recently got a tour of Lenthor's new Silicon Valley flex board shop and then sat down with President and CEO Mark Lencioni to discuss the new flex facility, the markets, management, and the future. The 21st Century PCB Factory–Designed to Eliminate Offshore Cost Advantages More than 15 years have passed since North America and Europe ceased being the center of worldwide PCB fabrication and were supplanted by a Chinese market with low-cost labor, lax envi - ronmental requirements, and strong government support Happy's Essential Skills: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, Part 1 and Part 2 Advances in interconnection technologies have occurred in response to the evolution of com - ponent packages, electronic technology and in- creasing complex functions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that various forms of printed wir- ing remains the most popular and cost effective method of interconnections. All About Flex: Imaging Methods for Etch Resist, Part 3: LDI When LDI technology was first introduced around 20 years ago, throughput was an issue. LDI was often restricted to low volume or prototype runs. Subsequent advances in equipment as well as faster acting photoresist have made it practical for high volume circuit fabrication. Against the Density Wall: Landless Vias Might be the Answer I saw my first landless via multilayer while visiting NEC in Japan in 1985. You may not know much about landless vias. This has been a well-kept se - cret for the last 30 years, possibly because it is not permitted on military boards, and therefore, discouraged in all IPC standards. PCB007 Highlights

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