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18 SMT Magazine • September 2016 seriously, they value commitment, and they carry out their assigned tasks with utmost pre- cision. The military also instills strong leadership skills. As one advances through the military's ranks, the burden of leadership increases. Veter- ans therefore have a deep understanding of the importance of cooperation and personal devel- opment to the success of a project. In addition, the military helps one devel- op a strong intuition, given that military per- sonnel often have to make quick decisions that could have life-or-death consequences. Veterans have a questioning and hon- est mentality and openly express when some- thing is wrong. They are not afraid to challenge ideas and to offer alternatives, which is an asset in any organization. They are also more like- ly than other demographics to start their own businesses, giving them the acumen and re- sourcefulness to help companies grow quickly from the inside. The government sometimes pays for veter- an education, so veterans can excel at their ca- reers and consistently improve their knowledge The Blackfox Advanced Manufacturing Program for Military Veterans by Allen Dill BLACKFOX TRAINING INSTITUTE Today there is a critical shortage of quali- fied workers. Worker shortages, as well as skill gaps and low unemployment rates, are making it very difficult to recruit talent. Additionally, finding the right mix of intel- ligence, talent, work ethic, and cultural fit in an employee is no easy task. Employers are strug- gling to find just the right employee for a par- ticular position, and are considering broaden- ing their reach by recruiting trained military veterans. You might be wondering why you should hire a military veteran, especially if your com- pany has nothing to do with the military. Ac- cording to Business Insider, there is a wealth of benefits that comes with hiring veterans. These benefits are summarized below. Veterans value hard work. When on deploy- ment, you work every single day with almost no breaks. The military instills a culture of ac- complishment, which is very much ingrained in veterans. They take their responsibilities very FEATURE

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