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12 The PCB Design Magazine • October 2016 we don't have a need for huge amounts of people management. We have a roadmap and a plan, but we also have the flexibility to determine how to most effective- ly contribute towards the vision. At SnapEDA, this is the vi- sion of making PCB design data, such as footprints and symbols, more accessible; specifically, we're making our parts library compre- hensive, interoperable, and trans- parent. Shaughnessy: Your staff is entirely made up of mil- lennials. Is it a challenge to get them interested and keep them motivated? Baker: We've been extremely pleased to have a wealth of bright and experienced candidates applying. At first, this was a bit surprising, considering that CAD data doesn't appear nearly as exciting on the surface as, say, arti- ficial intelligence, self-driving cars, or virtual reality. But I think there are three reasons why we've been able to garner so much interest. Natasha Baker, founder of SnapEDA, is part of the new breed of entrepreneurs. She manages a group of millennials who are not much younger than she is, and the company aims to change the way PCB designers use PCB foot- prints and schematic symbols. Fresh off the launch of In- staPart, an on-demand delivery service for CAD parts, Natasha discusses what it means to be a manager vs. a leader, what mo- tivates millennial engineers, and some of the changes in the world of EDA that managers have to contend with to succeed. Andy Shaughnessy: What's the difference between being a manager and a leader? Natasha Baker: Leadership is about inspir- ing and empowering people to drive towards a vision. Management is about the operational side: optimizing your resources, and making sure things happen on a timeline. Because we're a startup and our team (for the most part) sit directly beside each other, Inspiring Millennials in the PCB Design Community FEATURE INTERVIEW Natasha Baker

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