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18 The PCB Design Magazine • October 2016 by Michael Ford MENTOR GRAPHICS Why would I want to work for you? The role of the manager is complex; it means balancing business needs with creative opportunity and flexibility, building trust and providing inspira- tion with a team. With the recruitment of Gen- eration X, and now the millennials, the expecta- tions of employees are changing, accompanied by an unprecedented growth of technology. How can today's manager maintain an effective and motivated team? I could be fresh out of college, or perhaps I am a seasoned veteran of the industry; it does not matter. As I am looking for a new role, I have my CV or resume that tells the recruiting manager all about me, highlighting my unique strengths and abilities, effectively selling my- self. However, no formal process exists for me to assess the manager. I may have been attract- ed to the company and job position through a combination of things, such as the location, job content, potential opportunities, compen- sation, or even just the name and reputation of the company. These all got me into the build- ing, but they are not my motivation to stay. No, it is the manager who is the immediate point of contact, and the one person who holds the key to job satisfaction and career progression. Working together day-by-day establishes my relationship with the manager. Good day- to-day line management should be a given in any company, but the real test of management ability is to provide an environment of trust and respect, with encouragement to explore, to create ideas that add value, and seeing projects, whether team or individually based, through to fruition. Managers must also bring their own ideas to the table, contributing to the progressive en- vironment. They have a broader perspective of the area in which they are working, and they must understand how it relates to other teams and higher levels of management. They should research the industry, seeing what trends are emerging, and bring those technologies and op- portunities to the company. Members of the team then see themselves as part of a progressive team, which is an essen- What's the Difference Between a Manager and a True Leader? FEATURE

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