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44 The PCB Design Magazine • October 2016 QUESTION 8: Regarding millennials: How do you lead a generation that says it doesn't want to be managed? Talk about an open-ended question! And the answers were pretty broad also, but a few themes emerged. People wrote things like "show the need for," "challenge them," "in- spire a shared vision," "teach team dynamics," "present clear goals," "communication," "don't micromanage, give them all participation tro- phies." The last one was noted by the respon- dent as sarcasm. Wait a minute; aren't these the things we all want in a job? To wit, millennials is just a catch-phrase; they want the same things the rest of us do but they are perhaps less willing to wait for it—less patient. They also have many more options outside of manufacturing—in fact, manufacturing is for the most part barely recognized as an option. And that is the real problem in our industry. One respondent com - mented, "Not all young people are archetypal millennials." Aha! And another person pretty much summed it all up this way, "The key is to manage someone without them knowing they are being man- aged. And that is not a trick, that is the essence of good leadership." How perfectly said on both counts. PCBDESIGN LEADERSHIP AND...YOU According to a new re- search report from Berg In- sight, the first autonomous cars will debut in 2020. The total number of new regis- trations of autonomous cars is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 62 percent from 0.2 million units in 2020 to reach 24 million units in 2030. The active in- stalled base of autonomous cars is forecasted to have reached about 71 million at the end of 2030. Several automobile manufacturers have initi- ated projects to develop self-driving features in their cars. The incumbent automakers are joined by multiple new actors such as IT companies and other technology-oriented firms. Most incumbent automotive companies pursue an incremental ap- proach with step-by-step roll-out of autonomous systems while startups and IT companies take a more revolutionary direc- tion and aim at develop- ing fully autonomous cars immediately from scratch. The advent of autono- mous cars is expected to have a tremendous im- pact on our society in sev- eral ways. Cars are among the most costly as well as inefficiently used assets of today. When cars can op- erate around the clock on a service based business model it results in a tremendous increase of their utilization rate. Furthermore, autonomous cars will improve life quality for people unable to drive, reduce the number of fatalities and accidents in road traffic and increase overall traffic efficiency. The economic benefits are vast – the challenge is to succeed in making self-driving cars sufficiently reliable at a reasonable cost to enable commercial- ization. Autonomous Cars will Reach Sales of 24 Million Units in 2030

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