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46 The PCB Design Magazine • October 2016 theory. This went well with my B.S. in chemical engineering as I specialized in process control and IC manufacturing. Printed Circuits, Inc. Hires Ed Andrews as Director of Quality Systems Rigid-flex circuit board manufacturer Printed Cir- cuits Inc. has hired Ed Andrews as their director of quality systems. Happy's Essential Skills: CIM and Automation Planning, Part 2—Six Principles of Automation In Part 1 of this column, I discussed the founda- tion of CIM and the principles of automation plan- ning. In Part 2, we will assume that all the nec- essary preparations in strategy and tactics have been completed. How does it all fit together for successful implementation? This problem affects large, wealthy companies as well as the smallest job shop. Standard of Excellence: Communication Breeds Success We all need to talk to one another. You need to work closely with your customers. And we all need to work with the new generation of PCB designers and design engineers, many of whom have never set foot in a board shop. Fortunately, they make up for their lack of DFM knowledge with their hunger for information. Sunstone Circuits Announces RF/Microwave Capabilities Sunstone Circuits has announced the addition of RF/microwave materials (high speed/low loss) for 1- and 2-layer boards. Continuous Roll-process Technology for Transferring and Packaging Flexible Large-scale Integrated Circuits A research team led by Professor Keon Jae Lee from KAIST and by Dr. Jae-Hyun Kim from KIMM has jointly developed a continuous roll-processing technology that transfers and packages flexible large-scale integrated circuits. Weiner's World People in the printed circuit and electronic pack- aging industries often ask me about re-shoring. My response generally is that re-shoring is a myth. It seems that whenever I try to contact someone by email I get an automated response stating, "I am currently in China and will return to my office on…" Happy's Essential Skills: Computer-Aided-Manufacturing, Part 1—Automation Protocols I have addressed automation planning previously in this series, so I hope by now you realize the dif- ference between automation and mechanization. In printed circuit fabrication and assembly, most of what is advertised is mechanization. But when you get to assembly test, then you begin to see true automated solutions. All About Flex: FAQ on RoHS for Flex Circuits In 2003, the European Union (EU) adopted RoHS, which restricts the use of certain materials in elec- tronic products and electronic equipment. The intent is to reduce the environmental impact of known hazardous materials and has driven changes in manufacturing processes and materi- als used to manufacture a wide array of electronic products. EPTE Newsletter: Sony Sells Battery Division to Murata Large electronics companies in Japan continue to lose market share in the global arena. This erosion of market share has had a ripple effect on Japanese printed circuit manufacturers that supplied these electronic companies; when they sneeze, printed circuit manufacturers catch cold. Happy's Essential Skills: CIM and Automation Planning, Part 1 There is a lot of talk and information about auto- mation, but I find that there is very little available on automation planning. This is one of my special- ties. I started by getting a master's in EE in control PCB007 Highlights

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