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December 2016 • SMT Magazine 61 The vendors support and information may- be their strongest attribute than the actual sale of equipment. What Makes a Good Salesperson? Certainly, experience counts, but as we've come to learn from our many years in the mar- ket, it is not the most important merit of a sales person. After speaking to dozens of customers who have gone through at least one bad pur- chasing experience, it's not surprising that de- pendability is the most important attribute our customers are looking for. As both my Grandfa- thers once said, "you can't knock it!" Finding a salesperson who will pick up the phone after the deal is done or not ignore an unpleasant email thread and answer questions like he did before the PO is not always easy. But that is in part the reason why some of the old- time companies are still thriving. They under- stand that their sales force is the engine of their ship and that the best referrals they will get will come from satisfied customers who recommend their services among their peers or will bring a business card with them, from one company to the next. During your pre-owned vendor hunting pro- cess you will probably speak to more than one salesperson, so trust your instincts. Work with the one that tries to understand your situation and helps you find the best solution for it before he tries to sell you anything. More likely he or she will be the one who will offer the right piece of equipment and will address any after-sale issues with a better un- derstanding of where you're coming from. The price is second or even third down the line. Last but not Least If you already have experience with one particular platform name, it is likely that you will need little to no help with the installation. Troubleshooting and new operator training will probably be part of your day-to-day process. Whether you're buying refurbished, re- conditioned, or simply used as-is equipment, landing a decision can seem overwhelming. You and your team must consider the produc- tion rate at which you want to be, what type of equipment will give you those numbers and most of all, which vendor you can trust with this decision. Fortunately, knowing your variables and the different options out there will make your life easier. Once costs associated with the purchase of previously-owned machines are identified, you're already on the right path. Most impor- tant: Identifying what category (reconditioned or refurbished, serviced, used as is) suits you best will reduce the risk of getting an unpleas- ant surprise when the machine arrives at your floor. A reliable vendor should deliver pre-owned machines and peripherals that have been hand- picked, supported and maintained. The equip- ment you buy should be priced according to market value and able to be delivered back onto your production floor with confidence that it will perform. Let your vendor take the guess- work out of buying pre-owned SMT equipment and work with someone you will be confident with who will not disappear after the sale has been completed. "Pick and place" your relationship carefully with your pre-owned SMT equipment dealer to increase efficiency and profitability. SMT Shannon Allard is a global sales executive at Northern Electronics Automation (NEA) of NH LLC. He may be reached at THE HUNT FOR THE BEST PRE-OWNED SMT EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER " Finding a salesperson who will pick up the phone after the deal is done or not ignore an unpleasant email thread and answer questions like he did before the PO is not always easy. "

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