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4 SMT Magazine • April 2017 It is of the utmost importance that the soldering process should be perfect. But soldering is just too complex a process, and further complicating the situation, the requirements and technologies vary between our industry's market segments. This month, SMT Magazine looks into some of the different factors and challenges impacting yield when it comes to soldering, and provides strate- gies on addressing them. Soldering Excellence: A Tangled Web Indeed! The Complex World of Soldering Interview with Happy Holden and Cathy Cox Predicting Solder Paste Transfer Efficiency and Print Volume by Mitch Holtzer, Karen Tellefsen and Westin Bent Voiding Control at High-Power Die-Attach Preform Soldering by Dr. Arnab Dasgupta, Elaina Zito, and Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee Vapor Degreasing Chemistries to Remove Difficult Lead-Free and No-Clean Fluxes from PCBs by Venesia Hurtubise, Elizabeth Norwood, Wells Cunningham, and Laura LaPlante 12 22 32 48 April 2017 • Featured Content 22 M A G A Z I N E 32 12 48

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