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May 2017 • The PCB Magazine 51 References 1. Gallup survey, "Employee Recognition: Low Cost, High Impact," June 28, 2016. 2. "Employee Recognition Rocks," Heath- field, the balance, Dec. 17, 2015. 3. Article at Forbes.com: "Why Are So Many Employees Disengaged?" 4. "Steve Jobs' Legacy: 360 Degree Engage- ment," Incentive Magazine, Nov. 11, 2011. This article was originally published by The Marlin Company, and republished here by special permission. Barry Lee Cohen is president and managing director of Launch Com- munications. To read past columns or to contact Cohen, click here. can be immediately communicated within mo- ments of an event or concurrently with other announcements. Creating a High-Performance Culture Successful employee recognition bolsters the company's brand and reflects the vision of the organization to the marketplace—as well as to current and prospective employees. It sets the tone and expectations of how business is con- ducted both in and outside the company walls. Corporations that commit to results-driv- en employee recognition programs are advanc- ing a culture of trust and teamwork, while rein- forcing positive behaviors and expectations of high-performance. PCB terpersonal and verbal skills are showcased to customers on a daily basis. However, not everyone wants the up-close and personal treatment. Some consider such ac- tivities the exclusive domain for sales and mar- keting types. Others may be camera-shy and feel uncomfortable under the spotlight. They may prefer to have someone speak on their be- half. Better yet, skip the ceremony, and write a personal note of thanks for a job well done. No matter how well intentioned the recog- nition, there should be a degree of flexibility. No one should feel inadvertently pressured to participate in the same manner. Wherever pos- sible, individualize the recognition so it is au- thentic to the employee. Digital Employee Recognition Drives Communication With so many communication alterna- tives, companies have a choice as to what works best for recognition. Digital employee recogni- tion via electronic display boards, video walls and digital signage can complement tradition- al approaches such as safety posters, employee events calendars and newsletters. Once considered the exclusive domain for promoting new products and services at cus- tomer trade shows and conferences, today's dig- ital signage is strategically positioned through- out corporate campuses and often accessible via employees' laptops and mobile devices. Em- ployee recognition can now be reviewed—and most importantly acknowledged and appreci- ated—in a dynamic format that enriches both images and text. From pre-taped to real-time broadcasts of award ceremonies, recognition EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION: MORE THAN MONEY Do you ever wonder what kind of leader you are? Are your employ- ees inspired by you or are you just the only game in town? Would they stay if a similar company opened nearby? How about if they could earn a dollar more an hour by moving across the street? Have you inspired them enough that they would follow you through hell, or have you beaten them up so badly that they would not follow you across the room to a free buffet? To read the full column, click here. It's Only Common Sense: Let's Talk Leadership

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