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60 SMT Magazine • August 2017 ification just with a click of a mouse. Further- more, information about the current through- put as well as the throughput development is permanently available to the respective inspec- tion systems. In order to be able to react to possible chang- es in the production process (e.g., increased number of PCBs to be verified), a flexible assign- ment of employees to the respective inspection systems by the administrator is possible from a central workstation. Gone are the days when inspection systems are viewed as something that don't add value in production lines. As reliability became crit- ical in markets such as aerospace and automo- tive electronics, there is an increasing need for inspection systems to ensure the reliability and quality of electronic assemblies. But with the need for flexibility in production processes amid increasing globalized manufacturing strat- egies, manufacturers should consider powerful inspection tools that not only provide central verification of numerous lines in local and over- seas production sites, but also with a compre- hensive presentation of inspection results. SMT Jens Kokott is the AOI product manager at Goepel electronic GmbH. Figure 4: Cross-line diagram of PCBs to be verified. VERIFICATION OF INSPECTION RESULTS: LOCAL, CENTRAL, GLOBAL? Majority of the respon- dents in our recent survey on process step elimina- tion consider technology as among the key factors that would impact pro- ductivity. Find out more in the upcoming issue of The PCB Magazine. I-Connect007 Survey on Process Step Elimination: Factors to Improve Productivity 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Technology Automation Process Simplification Employee Morale Improving Systems Planning Source: I-Connect007 Research

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