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• Industry Leading 2D (BEM) Field Solver precision • Characteris�c impedance, edge-coupled & broadside-coupled differen�al impedance • Rela�ve Signal Propaga�on with 'Matched Delay Op�miza�on'–ideal for DDRx design • Termina�on Planner - series termina�on based on IBIS models & distributed system • Unique Field Solver computa�on of mul�ple differen�al technologies per signal layer • Extensive Dielectric Materials Library –over 30,700 rigid & flexible materials up to 100GHz • Interfaces–Allegro, Al�um, Excel, HyperLynx, OrCAD, PADS, Zmetrix TDR, Zuken & IPC-2581B Offers Engineers & PCB Designers unprecedented simula�on speed, ease of use and accuracy at an affordable price iCD Stackup Planner - • Fast AC impedance analysis with plane resonance and projected EMI • Defini�on of plane size, dielectric constant & plane separa�on • Extrac�on of plane data from the integrated iCD Stackup Planner • Defini�on of voltage regulator, bypass/decoupling capacitors, moun�ng loop inductance • PDN EMI Plot with FCC, CISPR & VCCI Limits. Frequency range up to 100GHz • Extensive Capacitor Library –over 5,650 capacitors derived from SPICE models Analyze mul�ple power supplies to maintain low AC impedance over en�re frequency range drama�cally improving product performance iCD PDN Planner - "iCD Design Integrity so ware features a myriad of func onality specifically developed for high-speed design." - Barry Olney

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