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72 The PCB Design Magazine • September 2017 1 I-Connect007 Launches 'The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to… Signal Integrity by Example' Micro eBook The latest title in this new line of eBooks, The Printed Circuit De- signer's Guide to… Signal Integ- rity by Example, is authored by Fadi Deek of Mentor, a Siemens business. This free micro eBook details the importance of elimi- nating signal integrity challeng- es. The chapters explore four possible signal integrity problems using an under- standing of essential signal integrity principles. 2 Tim's Takaways: It Really Wasn't My Fault I once received verbal instructions from an engineer who directed me to make a certain change. I didn't think anything of it. Many months later, this same engineer told me that there were troubles with the board and all its successive versions because of the change that I had made. He ended up making it right in the end. But in hindsight, what could I have done to save myself a couple of months of suspense and worry? 3 Altium Expands Cloud-Based Offerings with Acquisition of Upverter Electronic design software company Altium Lim- ited has acquired Upverter, Inc., the developer of the world's first fully-cloud, fully collaborative elec- tronics design system. Based in Toronto, Canada Upverter's entire team of engineers, including its CEO and co-founder Zak Homuth, will join Altium. This transaction will augment Altium's cloud-based competencies and drive further differentiation and growth for Altium in the market for next-genera- tion electronic CAD software. 4 Enough Blame to Go Around The idea for this article began a few months ago when The PCB Design Magazine conducted a reader survey regarding the topic "Whose Fault is that Bad Board?" After some thought, I submitted my answers. Af- ter all, I must have some kind of input after over 25 years of PCB design. But still, whose fault is that bad board? OK, I know what you're thinking: Don't go there. We designers make mistakes too. TOP TEN Recent Highlights from PCBDesign007

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