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44 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2018 Las Marias: You've been in the industry for decades. What are some of the biggest changes you've seen? Koehler: We have seen a thing or two through- out the last decades, that much is true. We have seen laser having a huge impact on manufac- turing long before anyone else was thinking about laser fume extraction. For us, it is essen- tial to foresee future trends in manufacturing and what kind of airborne particulates might be occurring in processes to come. That is why we are spending a fair amount of money every year on R&D and projects with well-known research institutes. It is all about understand- ing manufacturing processes to come up with air filtration solutions that perform at top level. Las Marias: From your perspective, what are the top reasons when investing in new equip- ment? Koehler: Higher output, less scrap, lower costs per piece, more stable processes, and keeping up with new technologies. There are multiple reasons for investing in new equipment. Las Marias: In your line of business, what market drivers would move customers to buying your equipment? Koehler: Frankly, we would need to have a stricter law enforcement when it comes to personal exposure limits (PEL) and environ- mental protection. We are looking at mate- rials and processes resulting in sometimes extremely hazardous particulates. Those might harm labor as well as being highly combusti- ble when, for example, exposed to oxygen. Not to mention the negative long-term effect when being ventilated outside without proper filtra- tion. Las Marias: What advice can you give custom- ers who are looking to acquire extraction/filtra- tion solutions? Koehler: Give us a call. Las Marias: Is there anything else you'd like to add? Koehler: We are very experienced in what we are doing. We are a one-stop-shop for local fume extraction and air filtration needs. Auto- mation companies, system integrators, OEMs and end users in any industry worldwide have been relying on our engineering and quality. Las Marias: How do you see the electronics manufacturing industry developing this year? Koehler: From our perspective, we are looking at a growing market share as we are extending our global customer base. The close collabo- ration with well-known OEMs in the industry and ongoing R&D projects are contributing to our outstanding position in this market. Las Marias: Thank you very much. Koehler: Thank you. SMT007 Figure 2: Fume extraction setup for hand soldering processes.

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