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58 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2018 Nancy Jaster is the manager of design process at IPC—and she has every right to be. As part of the technical staff team, she works directly with many IPC stan- dards committees to support the industry, particularly those related to DFM and DFX guide- lines, as well as those involved in data transfer. With 28 years' expe- rience in the industry—10 years in manufacturing and 18 years in design— she understands clearly what people need on the factory floor. In an interview with I-Connect007, she discusses the latest developments in the Connected Factory Initiative (CFX), the machine data interface standard that would enable manufacturers, equipment, device and software suppliers to achieve Industry 4.0 benefits, and CFX demos at IPC APEX EXPO 2018. Stephen Las Marias: Nancy, what's the rationale behind the Connected Factory Initiative? Nancy Jaster: I'm one of the fortunate ones in that I've got the experience in both design and manufacture. I already have the IPC-2581, which is the standard to get design data to manufacturers. The wonderful thing about 2581 is that it is intelligent data. It's no longer just a flat file. It's a model-based dataset where we can share much more information with the manufacturing floor than we ever have before because it's all bundled up in this one package. IPC used to have CAMX, a standard for transmitting data on the shop floor. But it was tied to a message broker, which limited its usability. After talking to some of the machine vendors, my original thought was how we could take CAMX to the next level, and how do we get CAMX working with 2581? I realized that we had an issue there, and that we really needed to look at the shop floor like we looked at getting design data into manufacturing as an intel- ligent data model. Data is key not only to the design process but the manufacturing process. We really need this overall data backbone to support the industry, and we want this data backbone to be smart, intelligent data. We want it to be on a standards base, so that if we're calling, say a fiducial the same thing in every standard that we have, then we can easily pass that informa- tion back and forth. We standardize how we describe it, and what it makes up from a data perspective, and then you can reuse that piece of information anywhere within the product realization process. It's critical for us to get to the standard understanding, the standard way of using data. It's critical for the industry to be looking forward, thinking about it from an intelligent data perspective. When I started in this industry, we got flat files and we got draw- ings, and then we would have to take those and parse those out. I actually did some machine programming on the shop floor for a while. You'd have to take that unintelligent data and put all that intelligence in there. Now, we have the ability to do that within the data. CFX is taking that shop floor data and taking it to the next level, coming up with stan- dard terms and definitions, and has a stan- dard transport definition so the information Nancy Jaster CFX: Updates and Developments IPC APEX EXPO 2018 PRE-SHOW SPECIAL COVERAGE

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