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70 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2018 Rowe: Patty, we've seen TAEC lifetime members come forward and ask to be mentors. Goldman: The mentors must have to make a three-year commitment too. What all is involved in that commitment? Rowe: We certainly expect before the first meeting for our mentor and our emerging engi- neer to discuss the emerging engineer's inter- ests. We encourage them to do that by telecon- ference, although email is fine. The emerging engineers discuss what their interests are, as far as professional development. In the first year, as they attend APEX EXPO, we require them to attend professional development courses and they have to attend standards committee meetings. They have to attend a series of other receptions and events. They have to acknowledge that they've attended all of these things. We ask them to keep notes. They do a report at the end of the event that shows us what they've done. The fun part is we ask them to take selfies when they meet individuals. We may send them off to meet someone, or a person that meets a certain set of criteria. We ask them to take a selfie and show us they've met the person and started to network and have a conversation. Then it's up to the mentor to follow up on activities for the remainder of that year. Jaster: One of the things we have them do is go to the show floor. They have to meet with a number of exhibitors, because we want them to get down on the show floor and see all that equipment and talk to some of the vendors on the show floor. It's really an opportunity for them to start networking and understanding the benefit of being at IPC APEX EXPO and getting the most out of it, because we really encourage them to do all the activities that are available to them. They basically get a one- of-a-kind opportunity for three years and we encourage them to take as many of the classes as they can, and to go to as many of the activi- ties as possible, so that they can not only learn, but network and really get a full feeling of what the show and conference is all about. Goldman: The commitment on the part of their company, presuming they're from a company, or university, is they have to get themselves to the meetings, to the show, and then IPC spon- sors them for meetings and workshops. Is that correct? Rowe: This is true for companies, yes. The commitment from the company is they have to get the emerging engineer to the show and sponsor their travel. Goldman: I know there are a lot of workshops offered. Is there a requirement as to how many they should take each time, or is that open? Jaster: The first year we said they have to take two classes. Rowe: Then the second year we required one. We're now preparing our third-year activities. We'll be working on that. This will be our first group to reach three years. Goldman: After this you'll see how well the first two participants, or emerging engineers, pick up on their own for next year. Rowe: This is true. What we have noticed, to Nancy's point, is that one of our two emerg- ing engineers has taken on a general vice chair position. IPC's emerging engineers and their mentors. IPC APEX EXPO 2018 PRE-SHOW SPECIAL COVERAGE

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