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JANUARY 2018 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 83 certain products or new products. It helps when we see trends, what's important to attendees, what they're looking for, etc. Zinski: You said the app is continually updat- ing for each year, so if someone has last year's, and is interested, they could download it right now and it would update for the show? DiCianni: The 2018 app is still being created and it has to go through the approval process from Apple, so that's where we're at right now is putting in the new graphics and getting it prepared for 2018. Before we can actually push it live, it has to go through an approval process. If you were to download it right now, you would be able to see '17, '16 and '15, and then as soon as '18 becomes available, it would come into the app as an update. It would tell you that you have an update for the app, and then '18 would become available. Once a person registers, their information comes from our registration company, and it populates into the agenda planner. Then when the app goes live, basically everything in that agenda planner, all our sessions, every- thing comes into the app. We're in the process right now of actually finalizing the agenda planner itself. It should be done in the next week. Zinski: I'm on Android, and I was looking on Google app store, and I saw two of your apps. One of them looked pretty old, and the other one was the recent one. DiCianni: Yeah, prior to 2015, we used another company for the app, so that's probably the other one you're seeing, because I don't think they ever go away. We have requested for it to be removed, so I'll have to check that out. Another thing I wanted to mention is the oper- ating platforms, because I know people worry about Apple having so many operating, the app is always up to date and will work with the operating systems as they update. So, there's never going to be an issue with that. Zinski: That's good to know. It's frustrating when a phone pushes an update. Android was pushing out their latest operating system, and half my apps are just crashing because they're not ready. DiCianni: Exactly, and that's something that is very important to us, and I have confirmed repeatedly that, no matter what updates these carriers are doing or what platform they're using, it will work with it. Las Marias: Kim, is there a benefit to the exhib- itors for using the app? DiCianni: Yes, we offer a sponsorship opportu- nity for them. On last year's, we just had an IPC banner, but this year, we are offering that to exhibitors, and it would lead to their page. It could be a great promotional tool to get them- selves out there. Las Marias: Right, good exposure. Hopefully doing this preview will inform a lot of people way before the event, and come the actual event, they will know that they can download the app. Thank you very much for your time. DiCianni: Thank you so much. SMT007 IPC APEX EXPO 2018 PRE-SHOW SPECIAL COVERAGE

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