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80 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2018 it was replaced by something or if the speaker changes. For the Tuesday morning keynote at 9:00 a.m., we can send a push notification at 8:00 a.m. as a reminder. Jonathan Zinski: I was looking at your app from last year, and it was very extensive. I liked how you had links to check out the local area and find restaurants. DiCianni: Many people aren't familiar with San Diego, so it helps. The app has social me- dia links so they can look at Facebook, Linke- dIn, or anything IPC is putting out during and after the sho w. The app we have now is called the multi-year. We use Core-apps and have since 2015, so if you already have the app on your phone from a previous year, it'll automatically add the new show, but it keeps the apps from the previous show also. So, if y ou made notes last year on something, you can go back, look at your notes from last year, and see if it is going on again. You're able to go back and compare the app. It never goes away. Las Marias: How popular was the app last year and the years before, in terms of down- loads, and did the attendees find it useful? Do you have some sort of feedback mechanism that will gauge that? DiCianni: Last year, about 20% of our attendees downloaded the app. It has increased each year since 2015, in terms of downloads and usage. Comparing 2016 to 2017, the number of people using speaker profiles, sessions, and exhibitors is growing as well as the overall use. I think every year we're seeing an increase in usage. Zinski: Do you use analytics to see what features are being used the most and which aren't being ex- plored as much? DiCianni: I would say probably our largest hits are on the session views, exhibitor views and speaker views—they're all very high. Zinski: What means are you using to advertise it? If I had seen it last year, I would have used it. DiCianni: On the printed show directory that's given to all registrants the QR code is right on the front page of the directory. We had 8-1/2 x 11 signs across the registration counter with the QR code. It had a picture of a tablet, a phone with the logo and then the QR code to download it right there. On most of our direc- tional signage throughout the hall upstairs in the meeting area we also had the QR code. I know we promoted it to exhibitors in newslet- ters, and it was promoted within the confer- ence brochure last year that was sent to attend- ees in December. Zinski: Is there a way in the app for users to leave feedback about features they'd like to see improved or that they'd like to see added? DiCianni: Currently not in the app itself, we do not. We do send exhibitor and attendee surveys at the end of each show. I know on both the exhibitor and attendee surveys we do touch on usefulness of not only the app itself but the agenda planner and ask survey respondents to provide their ideas for suggested improve- ments. Las Marias: Does the data on us- age or functions and features be- ing used by attendees help you de- cide what other features to include in the show next year? DiCianni: Absolutely. For example, the app is confirming that people like to look at new products. We know speakers at a session might be important or the session itself IPC APEX EXPO 2018 PRE-SHOW SPECIAL COVERAGE

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