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106 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2018 1 Top 10 Most-Read PCB Design Articles of 2017 E On New Year's Day, we took a look back at the most-read PCB design articles of 2017. Here are the top 10 design articles of the last year for your enjoyment. Is it just a coincidence that two of these articles are related to HDI design techniques? 2 That's Hot: Ventec's Goodwin on Thermal Management E IPC's fall committee meetings were held in conjunction with SMTA International, as has been the case for several years now. Patty Goldman sat in on some subcom- mittee meetings, including one on laminates, where she met up with Ventec COO Mark Goodwin for a discussion on thermal manage- ment from a laminate supplier's perspective. 3 Cadence Allegro Pulse Extends Team Collaboration E Cadence Design Systems has announced Cadence Allegro Pulse, the industry's first solution to enable extended team collaboration by pro- viding near-real-time insights into the com- plexities of the electronic design process. Alle- gro Pulse connects management, engineering, procurement and other business stakeholders to up-to-date work-in-progress design data in a single, unified web-based platform. 4 The Impact of HDI on PCB Power Distribution E HDI is often used to meet the requirements of today's complex designs. Smaller component pitches, larger ASICs and FPGAs with more I/O, and higher frequencies with shrinking rise-times all require smaller PCB features, driving the need for HDI. Beyond some of the more obvious electrical effects of the microvias Recent Highlights from Design007

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