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8 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2018 I can't believe it's 2018. When you were a kid and you imagined 2018, did you ever dream that we'd have autonomous vehicles, or artifi- cial intelligence in so many new products? Yes, it's a new year, and you may have noticed that the magazine has a new name, and a new look. Welcome to the premier issue of Design007. We have now unified all of our magazine titles under the I-Connect007 name, start- ing with PCB007 China Magazine in 2017, and now with SMT007 Magazine, PCB007 Magazine, and Design007 Maga- zine. This will make things a lot sim- pler for all of us. And let's face it: many people in the industry still calls us 007, so it makes sense to have 007 in our titles. As the old saying goes, "Keep it simple, stupid." You'll also notice that Design007 Magazine features a completely different layout now. It's much more open, and it feels less crowded. There's more white space, and the text and images have much more room to "breathe," as I like to say. It's very slick and uncluttered, and the images have more "pop" now. I think you'll really enjoy the new Design007 Magazine. Our production department col- leagues really outdid themselves this time; I don't know how they managed to design three new magazines while still working on everything else on their plates. Kudos to Shelly Stein and Ron Meogrossi for making this redesign a reality. To ring in the new year with this first issue of Design007 Magazine, we asked representatives from a variety of PCB design- related companies to answer the question, "What's New?" For our first feature, we assembled a solid group of design veterans to take part in our expert dis - cussion: Mar- tyn Gaudion of Polar Instruments, R i c k A l m e i d a of DownStream Technologies, and H e m a n t S h a h a n d Mark Hepburn, both with Cadence Design Sys - tems. In a wide-ranging inter- view, they discuss everything from their companies' newest and coolest technolo- gies to the slight uptick in new PCB designers r ecently. Several of our contributors focus on improv- ing automation this month. Ben Jordan of Altium explores the future of EDA and IoT, The Shaughnessy Report by Andy Shaughnessy, I-CONNECT007 New Year, New Title, and New Look

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