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76 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2018 North Carolina State, and there were a lot of students there. I definitely brought it up to all the students there. We're trying our best to get to the student community as well. Goldman: Is there some place where you list the emerging engineers and their mentors, so that when people see them at the meetings and so forth the rest of us can speak to them? Jaster: We do make them show up at the break- fast for the keynote speaker. Certain lunches we make sure we have them stand up and they get introduced along with their mentors. Wednes - day evening, we have a meet-and-greet with the emerging engineers at APEX. That is one of the activities they are going to be highly encouraged to attend, so they can meet other committee members, or other IPC members. Again, they really bonded as a group, so there's no problem getting them together for opportunities like that. They like each other, which is a good thing. Rowe: We've also put their photos on our Emerging Engineer program web page [1] . We don't have their names, but we do have their pictures that were taken at APEX EXPO 2017. We have special badge ribbons for them when they attend a meeting. Each emerging engineer gets a very unique, large pin. Patty, as you're aware, the TAEC members have pins, the Hall of Famers have pins, President's Award winners get pins, and they're a certain size. The emerging engineer pin is much larger and the mentor pin is unique as well. They are a pewter color, rather than gold. Each person is presented with one when they join the program, which they wear when par- ticipating in their events so that they can be identified. Zinski: Are there any more specific requirements for people who are con- sidering applying, other than being in the industry? Rowe: We'd like for them to be interested in standards development, although we under- stand and we accept that at this stage in their career they may not understand what that means. This is a program for them to learn what IPC offers and an opportunity for them to be paired with someone who has been in the industry. Beyond being early in their career and having an interest in the electronics asso- ciation or electronics in general, there aren't a whole lot of criteria that say they have to study this or that or whatever. Nothing like that. Jaster: What's really been nice is we have folks that are more on the design side. We have other folks more on the manufacturing side and those who are interested more in the process-related type of standards rather than assembly standards. We've been lucky that we've gotten a nice array of people interested, not just all from one area. Goldman: That's another good thing. Okay, I think we have covered just about everything here. Thanks so much for your time. Rowe: Thank you very much. DESIGN007 Reference 1. IPC Emerging Engineer Program. IPC APEX EXPO 2018 PRE-SHOW SPECIAL COVERAGE

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