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68 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2018 for communications on small mobile platforms where narrow antenna beams from small radi- ating apertures provide enhanced communica- tion security. Pioneer Circuits' Solutions Used in NASA's PUFFER Collapsible Bot E The PUFFER collapsible micro-rover is a part of NASA's "Game Changing Development Program." It is a compact rover that rides on board with future space vehicles to land on space bodies such as planets and asteroids for photographs and microanalysis. Army-led Effort Demos New Atomic Effect for Potential Isotopic Battery E A multinational research team, led by Army scientists, successfully induced a controlled re- lease of stored isotopic energy using a physical effect involving atomic electrons. The process was proposed more than 40 years ago but nev- er before demonstrated experimentally. FTG Releases Full Year and Q4 2017 Financial Results E "2017 was a year of transitioning work from the acquired facilities in 2016 to FTG facilities. There were many challenges in the transitions and it took longer than expected but by year end the transitions were complete," stated FTG President and CEO Brad Bourne. Designing Electronics for Harsh Conditions E We expect a lot from our products, especial- ly our electronic products. Think about it: cell- phones, wearables, medical devices—for some reason we think they should still work after be- ing immersed in liquid, left outdoors in freez- ing temperatures or dropped on concrete from a standing position. Beyond Design: Signal Flight Time Variance in Multilayer PCBs E A transmission line does not carry the digital signal itself but rather guides electromagnetic energy from one point to another. Signals trav- el at the same speed, given the same medium. However, the microstrip (outer layer) traces are embedded in a mélange of dielectric material, solder mask, and air. Merlin Flex Achieves AS9100 Rev D E Merlin Flex Ltd, Hartlepool UK, has success- fully made the transition from AS9100 Rev C to the latest Rev D. In January 2018, Merlin Flex also maintained their SC21 Bronze award for the 6th year running and is working with Thales UK, the companies SC21 sponsor, in achieving Silver by June 2018. Flights Show Promising Technologies from Industry and Academic Partnerships E The technologies ranged from proposed new space suits to cryogenic propellant research, with implications for future NASA space mis- sions as well as other research efforts. Improving Military Communications with Digital Phased-Arrays at Millimeter Wave E There is increasing interest in making broad- er use of the millimeter wave frequency band MilAero Highlights

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