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16 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2018 Feature Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 Zuken has been developing PCB design tools for the automotive market for years. With automotive electronics worth over $200 billion globally, and growing every day, Zuken is pre- paring for a brave new world of smart cars, and autonomous and electric vehicles. I spoke with Humair Mandavia, chief strategy officer with Zuken, and asked him about the chal- lenges facing automotive PCB designers, and the trends he's seeing in this constantly evolv- ing segment of the industry. Andy Shaughnessy: Humair, tell us a little bit about Zuken's work with automotive PCB design. I was at Zuken Innovation World a few years ago, and all of these automotive people were there, from Ford to Continental Automo- tive Systems, and the attendees were from all around the world. Humair Mandavia: We're fortunate to be working with most of the major OEMs and the tier one suppliers supporting the automotive industry globally. Zuken has been engaged in this mar- ket for over 20 years now, and it's been an area of significant growth year-over-year. As part of that growth, there are three key technol- ogy concentrations that have been part of our enablement to support the automotive market. First, we have the CR-8000 solution for PCB and electronic system design; second, there is the E3.series for electrical system design; and lastly, DS-2 for engineering data management. Our technology and partnerships with leading auto - motive companies have helped us deliver prod- ucts to the market that allow these companies to collaborate intelligently and securely anywhere in the world between engineering teams or their suppliers. With our core focus expanding from PCB design to the complete electronic and elec - tric system design, working with key partners in the mechanical and CAE space to offer a best- in-class engineering platform and bridging PCB design to new engineering disciplines, automo - tive companies are placing their trust in Zuken, and that is evident with their growing presence at our annual ZIW event. Zuken Pulling Ahead in Automotive PCB Design

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