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APRIL 2018 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 31 helping them to improve. That's a big problem, especially in Europe, I think. If someone fails, he's always the loser, but no one really tries to help him. It would be much better to engage someone like me who could try to fix his issue, teach the people, and next time they might be great engineers. This is something the industry must learn. It's not worth having green flags everywhere when the product is not present and two years later we get it. So be open, tell the truth, speak up about problems, ask for help early and soon, and don't blame someone because he has made something wrong. Help him to improve. Matties: Thomas, that's great advice. Thank you so much for spending time with us today. Wischnack: Thank you. DESIGN007 ing what you want to do, and if you don't understand something, find one of your col- leagues and ask questions. Don't stop asking questions until you get all the answers, and if they can't give you the answers, try to find someone who can give you the answers. Most of the problems that come up are because there is no one you can ask. So at most of the companies where I do some consulting, they have no one to ask. Suddenly I come up and they start to ask questions they've always wanted to ask for many, many years. And it's two or three hours just asking questions they always wanted to ask because there was no one. So, never give up in finding someone who can help you. It's not a shame not to know something, but it's a shame not to ask for a solution. Matties: Is there anything that we haven't talked about that you feel like we should share with the industry? Wischnack: The biggest problem is accept- ing that people are not all perfect. Not every engineer is perfect, especially in this indus- try. They're making mistakes, boards are bad, designs are bad, but it's not good blaming them for doing bad boards; the real approach is It's not a shame not to know something, but it's a shame not to ask for a solution. Pop.Up Next is a modular con- cept to solve traffic problems in cit- ies. The ultra-light, two-seater pas- senger cabin can be attached either to a car module or to a flight module. The dominant interior feature is a 49-inch screen, while interaction between humans and the machine is performed by speech and face recognition, eye-tracking and a touch function. In this video, listen to Italdesign's CEO, Jörg Astalosch talk about the progress that was made with PopUp over the past year. This concept for a modular air and ground transportation system is aiming to reduce traffic jams in megacitites of 2030. Audi, Italdesign and Airbus Combine Self-Driving Car and Passenger Drone

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