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82 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2018 1 Worldwide Systems Consulting: Tools, Process, People E Editor Andy Shaughnessy and Publisher Barry Matties sat down with Mentor's Jay Gorajia, director of worldwide systems consulting. Gorajia discussed Mentor's systems consulting business, their focus on the "digital twin," and how their acquisition by Siemens is benefitting Mentor and their customers. 2 Julie Ellis: TTM's Interface Between Designer and Fabricator E As a field application engi- neer for TTM, Julie Ellis sees the problems that can occur between circuit board designers and man- ufacturers. Barry Matties spoke with Julie at the Alti- umLive event in Munich about the age-old problem of throwing designs "over the wall," the trend towards HDI, and what advice she would give new designers. 3 Cadence's Sigrity Automates Power Integrity Simulation Earlier in Design Cycle E During DesignCon 2018, Kelly Dack met with Sam Chitwood, a product engineer with Cadence. Sam explained how the Cadence Sig- rity simulation software now allows users to make decisions early in the design process, and how this can help optimize the design of the power delivery network and ensure signal integrity in complex PCBs. 4 DownStream Webinar: The Benefits of Design for Manufacture E Relying on the design rule checking function of your PCB CAD system is a good start to finding manufacturing issues, but it's simply not enough. The DRC of most CAD systems is inadequate for analyzing a design against the many nuances of the fabrication process. On Tuesday, April 17, DownStream Technolo- gies will be holding a webinar that can answer many PCB designers' DFM questions. Recent Highlights from Design007

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