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DECEMBER 2018 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 107 5 Powering the Flexible World E From 2019 we will come to a world with flexible electronics and batteries to pow- er these devices have attracted tremendous attention. These de- vices may require batteries with special mechanical properties or form factors. 6 IDTechEx Highlights World Firsts in Printed Electronics in 2018 E With the end of the year in sight, it's inter- esting to look back and review what has been new in the world of printed electronics in the last 12 months. This analysis is taken from the new IDTechEx Research report, "Flexible, Printed and Organic Electronics 2019–2029" covering the entire sector in great detail based on analyzing the industry for over 15 years. 7 IPC Signs White House Pledge to the American Worker E IPC has signed the President's Pledge to the American Work- er and committed to creating at least one million new training and workforce devel- opment opportunities in the electronics indus- try over the next five years. 8 Punching Out! Avoid Surprises During the M&A Process E No one likes surprises, espe- cially in merger and acquisi- tions (M&A) deals; there are enough unknown variables to start with. 9 150+ Years of Experience: Reflections with Three Industry Icons E You would be hard- pressed to find a more knowledge- able and experienced group than that of Gary Ferrari, Gene Weiner, and Happy Holden. In a brief interview with Barry Matties, these three industry icons consider the past, present, and future state of electronics manufacturing while also offering advice to the newest generation of manufac- turers. J Trouble in Your Tank: The Art and Science of Photoresist Stripping, Part 1 E Photoresist stripping has be- come a complicated process due to many unique resist formulations on the market. The first part of this column series looks at some of the most common problems in photoresist stripping and offers strategies on how to address them. For the Latest PCB News and Information, Visit: PCB007.com Weiner, Holden & Ferrari Michael Carano Tom Kastner

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