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36 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2018 show so they can actually watch that happen- ing on their own phone? Bergman: Yes, they can visit the website, which we used at last year's show and in Germany. We've used that quite a few times this year, but basically, they visit the website where it's running. If you want to see it, the website is live and being used as a test bed for equip- ment manufacturers that are working on their CFX interface. Visit connectedfactoryexchange. com. Companies have found it's a helpful tool. It's also been really helpful for the equipment guys who are playing around with trying to build some interfaces. We think IPC APEX EXPO 2018 was the first time that it was ever done—very exciting. Ford: Yes, we use QR codes to make it easy for people to do it; they can simply visit the URL. There's no app to install or configuration— nothing at all. They go there and the data is there waiting for them. It's updated live. You can look at it right now. There are actually four people who are currently testing this CFX in- terface online right now as we speak. You just reminded me of something. Through- out this whole year of trying out and devel- oping CFX for the various shows and demon- strations that we've been doing, there has not been a single business trip taken by anybody— not the engineers. We have not had any prob- lems with people arguing with each other, ex- changing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), or talking about how interfaces work. All of the normal pain associated with any two piec- es of equipment talking to each other has been completely eliminated with CFX. What you see with CFX is how that happened. People can see the data from their machine, know that it ad- hered to the specification of the standard, and the job's done; that's all they needed to do. As long as what they produce matches what is in the standard, then they are confident that their machine can talk to anybody else's machine and any customer's systems. It's a revolution in the way that the interface has been devel- oped. Matties: Sounds like we can use this in our pol- itics (laughs). Ford: Save the environment, reduce business trips and lawyers, and all kinds of stuff. A bunch of things make a difference. Matties: You keep it simple, and simplicity is elegant. Ford: Absolutely. Matties: This is going to be exciting. We look forward to the show, and while we're there, we'll be sure to cover this extensively with our editorial crew, get user feedback, and inter- view people on their takeaways with their ex- perience with this demonstration. Ford: That's very cool. Thanks. Matties: Thank you guys very much. Bergman: Thank you. PCB007

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