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40 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2018 Among the enhanced features and require- ments in IPC-6012DA WAM1, you find a rec- ommendation to use automated optical inspec- tion (AOI), a requirement to use AOI on all lay- ers, a measurable requirement for lifted land after thermal stress, and strengthened require- ments to wicking. However, working on stan- dards is a never-ending task. As soon as the New Year's turkey is digested, the task group starts its preparations, and right after takeoff to San Diego, we all meet for new discussions, re- visions, and further developments of the IPC- 6012-DA standard. Standards Need to Go Hand-in-hand So, what does the theme of IPC APEX EXPO 2019 mean? For me, "Technology's Future Comes Together" when standards are in line with new technology, and go hand-in-hand into the future. Still, to obtain this, we need some changes—or rather, additions—from IPC. Creating, improving, and voting standards for- ward has no effect at all if they are left in the bottom of the drawer. They need to be used, implemented, and embraced by the industry. Still, several standards working on their own is no solution either. What we really need is for IPC to develop a parent standard or a work manual supplying the correct guidelines for usage of all standards in the automotive industry, which should provide the automo - tive industry the opportunity to contribute to further development and make the standards functional. Today, there are three standards for the au- tomotive industry: one balloted through and released—the IPC 6012-DA—while the Auto- motive Addendum Task Group 7-31BV and the 5-21M Cold Joining/Press Fit Task Group are still a work in progress, and work there will be. This is my third time attending IPC APEX EXPO, so not feeling like a rookie anymore, I am looking forward to meeting old and new friends, working in the task groups, and wid- ening my knowledge. The Executive Forum on Advancing Automotive Electronics brought to you by the IPC Hall of Fame Council is definite- ly on my to-do list. IPC: Goliath vs. David? However, some seem to look upon IPC as an unreachable organization with a Goliath ver- sus David feeling. Personally, I do not recog- nize these opinions. I find Goliath to be the friendly and welcoming giant towards new opinions and suggestions. Running your cas- es through the IPC system and using the ad- vantages of it will eventually lead to improve- ments and constructive innovation. A good example is how we in the medi- cal task group faced the challenge with micro PCBs—a designation not working for these de- vices. We had constructive discussions within the group, but in the end, found a more suit- able designation that suits both IPC and the medical device applications industry better. If you gather the right people together, utilize the strength of IPC, and dare challenge the indus- try, you will get results. Shout Out! We all know that change comes by action; sitting still and keeping your mouth shut cre- ates no action. IPC APEX EXPO is the perfect spot to network and raise your opinions and concerns in the various forums arranged. For example, several technical conference sessions with interesting topics have made it into my calendar. The luncheons awards are also always a pleasure to participate in. We all benefit from networking in the industry. I cannot empha- size the value of networking enough; after all, several voices are stronger than one. Further, I was amazed by the energy from the main key- note speech by Jared Cohen last year talking about big technology disruptions. Jared gave a Creating, improving, and voting standards forward has no effect at all if they are left in the bottom of the drawer.

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