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34 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2018 or EDA providers who are often in attendance? Do you have a DFM or DFA question? Did you lose a supplier recently? Bring these chal- lenges to a meeting where manufacturers or assembly company representatives can help you. Are you between jobs? A DC meeting is a great place to find one! Think of the DC like a local neighborhood of electronics profes- sionals. We all do better in a community then we do in those pesky silos, especially when it comes with lunch. Myth #3: I don't have a chapter in my area, so there's no opportunity for me. The opportunity may be greater for you than anyone else if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and find a few cohorts to help you start your own DC chapter. At this point, I don't want to sound like Pollyanna. It takes work to get anything off the ground, like pushing a rock uphill. Sharing the load with two or three others makes it far easier. A couple of years ago, I interviewed Scott McCurdy, and he shared his "playbook" for running a successful DC chapter. I encour- age you to read this article if you are thinking about starting a chapter as it will help shorten your path to success. Remember, when it comes to IPC, it is an "us" not a "them." So, don't be hesitant to jump in and take this on. The industry is only as good as the people who contribute to it. One thing that I think has helped McCurdy be so successful is that he made phone calls and visits personally while he was going about his business. We are flooded with infor- mation these days, and one more email invi- tation isn't going to be effective. At this par- ticular point in time, we are overconnected online and underconnected in person simul- taneously. I am trying to reverse that equa- tion in my personal and professional life. The IPC Designers Council offers designers a great way to create a platform for rich in-person relationships and networking in addition to the ongoing education that is the centerpiece of it all. For information about becoming a member for free or starting a chapter, visit the website. The Designers Council: The Switzerland of EDA Company Engagement One of the mandates I received when joining Altium almost two years ago was to support the DC chapters actively; this is one part of my job that I particularly enjoy. I help find speak- ers (from within Altium or not) and provide lunch when I'm able to for any active chap- ter. Currently, Altium has the privilege to sup- port the following chapters: San Diego, Orange County, Silicon Valley, Salt Lake City, and the Cascade Chapter (Oregon). If you run a chap- ter and I don't know about you, please contact me by clicking here. What I particularly appreciate about the DC is the fact that all major EDA companies can contribute, which they often do. In my hum- ble opinion, it is our collective responsibility to serve these chapters that are made up of all of our customers. It is a pleasure to vol- unteer alongside wonderful people like Terri Kleekamp from Mentor, a Siemens Company, and John Carney from Cadence Design Ser- vices in service of regional DC groups. We may compete in the marketplace, but when it comes to the DC, we are friends, allies, and fel- low contributors. I hope the stories I've shared have provided some fresh insight and inspiration that will lead you to engage in the IPC Designers Coun- cil. Whether you are a PCB designer or supply- chain provider in the electronics industry, get involved with a local DC chapter. Your partici- pation and presence bring and deliver much value. I invite you to join me in connecting with the DC. You'll be glad you did. To learn about additional resources and ini- tiatives from IPC, and to hear about their recent visit to the White House, listen to this recent podcast with John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. DESIGN007 Judy Warner is director of community engagement for Altium. To download your copy of Altium's micro eBook, The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to… Design for Manufacturing (DFM), click here.

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