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48 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2019 Further Reading • Beyond Design: Crosstalk Margins by Barry Olney, Design007 Magazine, July 2018. • Beyond Design: How to Handle the Dreaded Danglers, Part 2 by Barry Olney, The PCB Design Magazine, September 2016. • Beyond Design: Introduction to Board- level Simulation and the PCB Design Process by Barry Olney, The PCB Magazine, March 2012. • Beyond Design: Board-level Simulation and the Design Process, Plan B–Post- layout Simulation by Barry Olney, The PCB Magazine, February 2012. • Beyond Design: Controlling the Beast by Barry Olney, The PCB Magazine, December 2011. • Beyond Design: Common Symptoms of Common-mode Radiation by Barry Olney, Design007 Magazine, May 2018. • "Board-level Simulation" by Barry Olney, Electronics News (Australia), January 2013. • "EMC Simulation Techniques for Printed Circuit Boards" by Dr. Al Wexler, Quantic EMC Inc. DESIGN007 Barry Olney is managing director of In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd (iCD), Australia, a PCB design service bureau that specializes in board- level simulation. The company developed the iCD Design Integrity software incorporating the iCD Stackup, PDN, and CPW Planner. The software can be downloaded from To read past columns or contact Olney, click here. At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, imec and TNO are presenting the latest version of their health patch. Developed in the framework of the Holst Centre in Eindhoven, the new health patch offers unprecedented comfort and a long battery life, previously unseen in this type of device. It can also be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of previous generations. The patch uses a mix of skin friendly and biocompatible materials. A comfortable silicone adhesive is used to provide long-term adhesion at high comfort. "Completely watertight, the new health patch is built for maximum user comfort and can be worn for up to seven days before needing to be replaced," explains Prof. Jeroen van den Brand, program director of printed electronics, TNO. For patients, a single, disposable patch that can be worn for several days is more convenient and can reduce hospital visits as it no longer needs to be returned after use. This is particularly important for chronically ill patients as it provides an affordable, single-use device that can be easily used to monitor their vital signs and physical activity at home. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear for long periods of time, it enables patients to perform their normal daily activities with minimal impact while providing valuable information to optimize their treatment and medication. The single-use concept can also reduce time spent in the hospital as it allows patients to be sent home earlier while still remotely monitoring their vital signs. (Source: Holst Centre) Disposable Health Patch to Measure Vital Signs

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