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86 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2019 1 Beyond Design: 10 Fundamental Rules of High-speed PCB Design, Part 3 E Planes are essential in today's high-speed multilayer PCBs. Unfortunately, the number of power supplies required is increasing dramatically with IC complexity. Now, accounting for them all has become a real challenge. The high number of supplies generally leads to higher layer count substrates. 2 Mentor Discusses New DFT, DFM, and Design Verification Tools E At electronica 2018, John McMillan, digital marketing program manager-Electronic Board Systems, and Mark Laing, business develop- ment manager-Valor Division of Mentor, a Siemens business, discuss new tools for PCB design verification, as well as design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for testing (DFT). 3 Top 10 Most-read Design007 News of 2018 E Every year, we like to take a look back at the most popular PCB design news and articles. These are the top 10 most-read PCB design news items from the past year. Check them out. 4 Quiet Power: Measurement-to- simulation Correlation on Thin Laminate Test Boards E A year ago, I introduced causal and frequency- dependent simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis (SPICE) grid models for simulating power-ground plane impedance. The idea behind the solution was to calculate the actual R, L, G, and C parameters for each of the plane segments separately at every frequency point, run a single-point AC simulation, and then stitch the data together to get the frequency- dependent AC response. This month, I will demonstrate how that simple model correlates to measured data and simulation results from other tools. Editor Picks from PCBDesign007 Barry Olney

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