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JANUARY 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 87 5 Martyn Gaudion on Signal Integrity Modelling and Stackup Tools E The accuracy of signal integrity modelling continues to improve, and stackup tools are becoming widely used, which now include material suppliers' datasheet information. During the recent electronica show in Munich, Germany, Martyn Gaudion, managing director at Polar Instruments, explained how Polar often serves as a bridge between PCB design and fabrication, and why educating his customers is so critical. 6 Connect the Dots: Six Tips to Ensure Parts Fit on Your Board E Alternative through-hole parts occur when the land pattern matches, but the pin size is off. Pins may not fit through the holes, or if they do go into the holes, they may not solder well. Solder will need to flow through the gap between the pin and the hole barrel. If there is not enough space to allow enough solder mass to flow through the hole, the circuit board will absorb heat from the molten solder and cause the solder to solidify partway up the hole. This is called a cold solder joint and can result in a premature failure of your circuit. 7 Rick Almeida Discusses DownStream's Latest News E At the 2018 electronica exhibition in Munich, Rick Almeida, founder of DownStream Tech- nologies, brings Editor Pete Starkey up to speed with the com- pany's latest news. 8 Lightning Speed Laminates: Skin Depth and Its Interaction With Final Plated Finishes E Skin depth is the depth within a conductor where the majority of the radio-frequency (RF) current resides. Imagine looking at a cross-sectional view of a circular wire and being able to see how much current is within that cross-section. If the current is supplied by a battery and is direct current (DC), the amount of current is distributed evenly across the cross-sectional area of the wire. The current density is the same everywhere in the area of that wire. 9 Martin Cotton's Parting Shot E Martin Cotton is a unique personality in the PCB industry. As Cotton says, "I'm a designer—look at my haircut!" Cotton gave the keynote at the Institute of Circuit Technology's 2018 Harrogate Seminar, challenging his audience to consider laminate dielectric properties in the context of power and cost in a presentation entitled 'The Effect of the Dk of a PCB Laminate on the Cost-effectiveness of Office Rental Space. Intrigued?' Read on! J Altium Releases Designer 19 E Altium Designer 19 introduces new features that make designing complex, high-quality projects easier, faster, and more accurate from concept to production. for the latest circuit design news and information—anywhere, anytime. Martyn Gaudion John Coonrod Martin Cotton Pete Starkey and Rick Almeida

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