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Johnson: And you had answers? Jovanovic: Yes, which was weird to me; I could respond and help them. It's a nice reassurance that I've learned something compared to last year. Johnson: Do you think you made the right choice with this profession? Jovanovic: Absolutely. I've always liked sci- ence. Everyone always asks, "Why engineer- ing?" Even with all the homework, all-night- ers, and hard times, the big picture was that I enjoyed learning it. Now, I get to apply that experience into something meaningful. We're saving babies' lives! I'm lucky to have this job and have gotten to know all these incredible people on the way. Shaughnessy: Did you keep up with the people you met last year? Jovanovic: I didn't, but I've seen a bunch of people that I saw here last year, and we picked up right where we left off. It's great to recon- nect with the people from the industry. Shaughnessy: And it's good that you work for a company that will send you to educational events. Jovanovic: I'm very lucky to have that support and to get the opportunity to learn. My boss was the one who suggested I go last year, and when I asked him about it this year, he was re- ally cool about it. Johnson: What would you tell a new hire that they need to know about PCB design? Jovanovic: Be confident that your design will work. I'm very self-critical, so when something's wrong, I always tend to think that it's my fault. Also, do your research and use all the software available to you. In one of his lectures, John Magyar talked about impedance calculations. He said, "You don't even have to do calculations yourself now because Altium will do it for you." You can save yourself a lot of time if you under - stand all the resources available to you.

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