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OCTOBER 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 39 in the form of a National Manufacturing Insti- tute. This is where the HIR could help frame what is needed there, and we expect to explore this collaboration in 2021. An additional point is the broad reach of the investments—DARPA, NSF, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce. That is an indicator that these manufacturing needs are not just for defense purposes. National security in electronics reaches beyond those traditional defense-spe- cific requirements. 3. HI Roadmap A&D Status The 2019 version of the HIR A&D Chapter provides a landscape of HI in defense elec- tronics, with a focus on government programs driving much of the progress to date. Moving forward, the A&D TWG will continue to gather data and add to the chapter for the 2021 ver- sion. Figure 10 is the first high-level roadmap table for HIR A&D. This is more qualitative than quantitative at this point, but we expect that to evolve somewhat as we drill down with more specifics. There will also be links to other HIR chapters with more details on certain topics, such as photonics, thermal management, and 3D interconnect. The A&D TWG will work on gathering inputs for the Rev 1.0 version that will appear in the 2021 update. People inter- ested in contributing to this effort should con- tact the author or Dr. Tim Lee at Boeing, the other co-chair of the A&D TWG. SMT007 References 1. IEEE Electronics Packaging Society, "Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap." 2. Daniel Green, "DARPA's CHIPS Program and Mak- ing Heterogeneous Integration Common," 3D-ASIP 2017, December 2017. 3. Andreas Olofsson, "Common Heterogeneous Inte- gration and Intellectual Property (IP) Reuse Strategies (CHIPS)," The Electronics Resurgence Initiative. 4. Andreas Olofsson, "2.5D/3D Foundry Workshop: CHIPS 2.0," December 2018. 5. NSTXL, "State-of-the-Art Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP) Prototype Project." 6. Phil Garrou, "IFTLE 455: Advanced Microelectronics Is Coming Home," 3DInCites. 7. 116 th Congress, "H.R.7178 - CHIPS for America Act," Jeff Demmin is a semiconductor and defense project manager at Keysight Technologies, as well as the co-chair of the HIR Aerospace and Defense Technical Working Group. Figure 10: The first version (Rev 0.1) of the HIR A&D Roadmap is qualitative at the start. The A&D TWG will seek inputs to populate it further in the 2021 edition of the HIR.

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